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45 Companies Offering Jobs for Disabled People at Home

Jobs for Disabled People at Home

Thanks to the internet and new technology, people with disabilities can now get jobs for disabled people at home. The internet has made it possible to do online jobs for disabled people.

In spite of the fact that someone is in a wheelchair, he/she may be very productive. It’s seen that you can do anything you want when you’re physically disabled. 

Fortunately, people like Stephen Hawking have proven to the public that disabled people can be and wish to be at work.

Many companies are beginning to recognize that part-time jobs for disabled persons exist and can be filled by those who are mobility challenged. 

In fact, on the basis of recent reports 22.5% of Americans are employed with disabilities.

I know because I am in a wheelchair. I am self- employed.

After 5 weeks of in-depth research, I’ve come up with a list of 45 legit companies that will offer work from home jobs for disabled.

Last Updated: May 14, 2024. Job listings change frequently.

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45 Companies that Hire Disabled Adults

#1 Walmart

It has a broad business in 19 different countries as well as offering 500+ jobs for people with disabilities

Several times, Walmart arranged accommodation for the employees.

If you are in a wheelchair with arthritis, obesity, autism, or any health issues you can follow the given steps to get accommodation with a remote job.

Wallmart offers jobs for disabled American veterans

Source: Walmart

  • Job opportunities available: Customer Care Center Agent, Business Development Analyst, Retail Manager, Team Leader.
  • Pay: A work from home employee may get approximately $14-$22 for an hour.
  • Benefits: Equal opportunities, Multiple health insurance, Parental leave, 401k and Von and on.
  • Where to apply: Walmart Careers

#2 Amazon

Amazon offers jobs for people with disabilities across a variety of roles. 

Even recently, Amazon got the top score for amazon work from home jobs for disabled repeatedly on the Disability Equality Index when the organization was considered, “Best for Work as Disabled.”

In fact, as the world’s largest eCommerce business with yearly revenue of $574.78 Billion, this giant is always looking for employees to work from home.

  • Examples of Amazon jobs for disabled adults: DLS Sr. Specialist LSRT, Accommodations Consultant, Customer Service Operations Manager, Recruiter & HR Manager for Amazon Delivery Service, SDS Team Manager.
  • Pay: Accommodations Consultant, $119K /year (average base pay).
  • Benefits: Health insurance, Dental and Vision insurance, 401k and Vacation & Paid Time Off.
  • Where to apply: Amazon Jobs

#3 CVS Health

CVS Health is an equal-opportunity employer and maintains a diverse workforce.

CVS Health has been awarded a perfect score on the 2023 Disability Equality Index.

The company also has many different types of benefits available for all employees regardless of disability status with sit down jobs for disabled.

  • Job titles available: Pharmacy Technician, Business Manager, Sr. Manager, Senior Integration Engineer.
  • Pay: Sr. Manager, $75K0$166 annually (441% Above national average)
  • Benefits: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vision Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401K Plan, CVS Pharmacy Prescription Discount. 
  • Where to apply:Jobs at CVS

#4 General Motors

General Motors, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cars and trucks, has done business under brands like GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Buick.

General Motors is a company that arranges full-time jobs for handicapped people.

GM partnered with Braunability to hire disabled candidates and broaden the scope.

Following this kind of initiative, General Motors earned the perfect position to receive the DEI award.

  • Job titles available: Content Designer-UX Writer, Business Data Analyst, Senior Android Developer, Technical Specialist.
  • Pay: Business Data Analyst, $73K – $111K (Based on experience).
  • Benefits: Discounts on GM vehicles, Comprehensive medical plan, Triple tax-advantaged, 16 annual paid holidays, Tuition assistance, Insurances, 401K Plan.
  • Where to apply: Jobs at GM


Comcast Corporation is an international media and technology company with up to $121B annual interest that operates two primary businesses: Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal.

Comcast is actively working to hire, retain, and empower skilled individuals with at home jobs for the disabled. Additionally, the company typically offers all the available job positions for disabled people.

  • Job titles available: Customer Account Executive, Virtual Telesales Representative, Virtual Inbound Digital Sales Representative.
  • Pay: Virtual Telesales Representative, $16-$22/hour.
  • Benefits: Medical, Dental and Vision benefits, Maternity management, Discount tickets, Pet insurance, 401k plan.
  • Where to apply: Jobs at Comcast

#6 AT&T

AT&T has a focus on hiring people with disabilities for its workforce. It offers many benefits to help employees in their pursuit and retention of work.

AT&T provides several adults in multiple positions. At the same time, it has more than 7000 disabled employees globally.

Both part-time and full-time workers receive competitive salaries, benefits, and AT&T product discounts.

AT&T received multiple awards with a top rank in DEI for making a career path for the disabled.

AT&T hiring people with disabilities for its workforce

Source: AT&T

  • Job titles available: Customer Service Representative Work from Home, Call Center Sales Work from Home, Account Executive, IT Specialist.
  • Pay: IT Specialist, $120K/year approximately.
  • Benefits: Medical, Dental and Vision insurance, Tuition Assistance, Compensations, AT&T Product Discounts, 401k and Vacation Paid Time Off.

Where to apply: AT&T Jobs

#7 Meta (facebook)

Meta is the world’s most popular social media network, with 2.9 billion (March 2024) monthly active users and USD 134 billion annual revenue.

Meta has been known for being a great resource for sit-down jobs for disabled people. They have many different positions that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, their pay is often above average, making it a wise choice financially as well for work from home full-time.

If you are looking for a job at home, be sure to check out Meta!

  • Job titles available: Communications Manager, Global Recruiting, Copywriter.
  • Pay: Communications Manage, $176K/year (average base pay) with up to annual $66K additional payment.
  • Benefits: Free Meals, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, Paid Leaves, Compensations, 401k.
  • Where to apply: Jobs at Meta

#8 Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies had legitimate work from home jobs for disabled for a long time except they added a new concept of promotion for remote positions. 

In the meantime, it has up to 100,000 remote employees providing security, bonuses, support, and so on. 

Dell received $88 Billion in revenue with World’s Most Ethical Companies, Scored: 100% on DEI, and received the Autism Inclusion Company of the Year award for being a well-known employer for the disabled.

  • Job titles available: Sales Executive, Software Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Sales Account Executive (outside).
  • Pay: Technical Support Engineer, $100K/year (average base pay)
  • Benefits: Gym Reimbursement, Insurances, Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance, Paternity Leave, Pet Insurance.
  • Where to apply: Join Dell Technologies

#9 Humana

Humana Insurance Company with $28.6 yearly revenue is known for hiring veterans with disabilities. This company’s workforce typically consists of 47% of remote workers.

These people work in a variety of positions such as social work and accounting, which has expanded with remote employees. 

All jobs pay an hourly wage and have health benefits, paid overtime, and other bonuses.

  • Job titles available: Business Support Coordinator, Inbound Contact Representative, Manager-Inside Sales, Community Outreach.
  • Pay: Inbound Contact Representative, $35,000-$45,000/year (average base pay).
  • Benefits:  Supplemental pay, Recognition pay, Life insurance, Homeowners and auto quote services, 401(k) retirement savings plan.
  • Where to apply: HumanaCareers


The Boeing Company is the world’s leading aerospace company, providing commercial airplanes, defense equipment, and other products.

The company offers a range of work from home jobs for disabled people, ranging from Data scientists to Business interns.

Plus, the company is committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce that includes people with disabilities.

  • Job titles available: Procurement Agent, Senior Compensation Specialist, Executive Recruiter
  • Pay: Executive Recruiter, $91,043/year (average base pay)
  • Benefits: Health & Insurance Benefits, Severance Pay, Retirement & Financial Benefits.
  • Where to apply: Join BOEING

#11 IBM

IBM has been hiring autistic employees for over a decade with handsome training for the disabled.

The company has a long history of supporting employees with disabilities, and in recent years, has made a concerted effort to hire and support employees on the autism spectrum as well as provide 100% remote opportunities.

The company has created a special program, called the Autism Hiring Program, to identify and support employees on the autism spectrum. 

In the meantime, it managed to rebuild revenue of up to $61 Billion after the pandemic.

  • Job titles available: Product Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Recruitment Team Lead, Recruitment Specialist.
  • Pay: Product Marketing Manager, $155/year (average base pay).
  • Benefits: Disability insurance, Life insurance, 401k, sick leave and PTO
  • Where to apply: IBM Jobs

#12 New York Life

This health insurance company has a history of providing insurance to the disabled and giving wealth management services. 

New York Life has been offering 2.2 billion coverage to the policyholders recently. 

For you, positions seem to be for Sales and distribution support or Marketing and communications, at the same time there are several online jobs available for those with disabilities who can do an online interview as well.

  • Job titles available: Senior Associate – Network Security, Technology Recruiter, Regional Advisor Consultant, Life Insurance Sales Agent. 
  • Pay: Regional Advisor Consultant, $72K/year (additional pay on completing targets)
  • Benefits: Coverage on medical, dental, vision, Life Insurance, 401k saving plan.
  • Where to apply:Jobs at New York Life

#13 Enterprise

Enterprise has a hundred customer service positions available full and part-time for those who wish to sit down jobs for disabled.

Romina, a full-time wheelchair user, worked as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Enterprise.

She mentioned how flexible and welcoming the organization is for those who are physically challenged.

Enterprise sit down jobs for disabled - Mobility Hive

Source: Enterprise

The job pays nearly $22/hour with several amenities and securities. On top of that, Enterprise received a DEI award as a DOBE (Disability-Owned Business Enterprise).

  • Job titles available: Reservation Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Automotive Maintenance Coordinator, IT Department Manager, Lead Systems Engineer.
  • Pay: Customer Service Representative, $15/hour (average base pay)
  • Benefits: Insurance, Health & Wellness, Maternity & Paternity Leave, Reduced or Flexible Hours, Vacation & Paid Time Off, 401K Plan.
  • Where to apply: Jobs at Enterprise
Alert: Online Job Scams

Unfortunately, there are some con artists who may try to take advantage of disabled job seekers. Be cautious when applying for online work from home jobs. Legitimate employers will never ask for candidate’s bank account information or request payments in any form of compensation (i.e., money order, wire transfer, or gift cards).

#14 American Express

American Express is one of the top companies that hire disabled adults with $67B yearly revenue. 

American Express has a variety of jobs that they’re looking for people who have disabilities to fill positions ranging from customer service representatives to accountants.

  • Job titles available: Customer Care Professional, Staff Engineer, Operational Excellence Manager, Travel Consultant, Operations Manager.
  • Pay: Customer Care Professional, $32.40 per hour (average base pay).
  • Benefits: Profit Sharing, Stock Bonus, Health & Insurance Benefits, Prepaid Legal, Severance Pay, Supplemental Unemployment, 401(k) Plan.
  • Where to apply: American Express Virtual Career

#15 American Airlines

As an employer, American Airlines offers entry-level jobs for the physically disabled at home.

The company with USD 52.8 Billion in revenue has positions in sales, customer care, and accounting services where you can remotely. 

It is fun to get paid overtime and other bonuses.

  • Designations available: Customer Assistance Representative, Senior Analyst, IT Service Manager, Service Agent.
  • Pay: Customer Assistance Representative, $18.63 per hour (on average).
  • Benefits: Travel Privileges, Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage, Pet Insurance, and Group Legal Insurance, 401(K) and Vacation Paid Time Off, Discount on Hotels, Cars.
  • Where to apply: Jobs at American Airlines

#16 Nike Apparel

Employers of Nike don’t focus on gender, color, or disability. Nike added Flyease technology to their products to give comfort to disabled users. 

Apart from that they offer easy jobs for disabled adults in the part of retailing, managing, and consulting.

They climbed the yearly revenue to $51.58B with a trained and skilled workforce. Nike got the chance to receive the honor of top scorer at DEI.

  • Job positions available: Lead android engineer, Android Engineer, Senior Directeur, Nike app specialist.
  • Pay: Lead android engineer, $169596 per year (on average).
  • Benefits: Discounts on fitness plans, Insurances, Paid holidays, Special summer hours, Employment discounts.
  • Where to apply: Jobs at Nike

#17 United Airlines Holdings

United Airlines Holdings is aiming for flexible transportation all around the world. They have a talent bank scheme that deals with the disabled individual to add their skills to create a diverse workforce. 

They are even on the list of top scorers of the 100% Disability Equality Index (DEI). As a disabled, you can join the group of corporate workers, technological side, and problem-solving tasks.

  • Jobs available for disableds: Senior Engineer, Software Engineer, Analyst – Information Technology, Senior Manager – Contact Center.
  • Pay: Analyst – Information Technology, $120K per year (average base pay).
  • Benefits: Air Ticket discounts, Paid Leaves, 401(k), Insurances.
  • Where to apply: United Airlines Holdings Careers

#18 Thermo Fisher Scientific

American Express is one of the top twenty companies that hire disabled adults.

American Express has a variety (number) of jobs that they’re looking for people who have disabilities to fill positions ranging from customer service representatives to accountants.

  • Jobs available for disableds: Clinical Trial Coordinator, Finance Assistant, Site Payments Associate, Senior Programmer Analyst.
  • Pay:Senior Programmer Analyst, $100K/year (average base pay).
  • Benefits: Life insurance, Paid Leaves, Employee assistance program, HSA(Health Savings Account) contributions.
  • Where to apply: Jobs at Thermo Fisher Scientific

#19 Capital One

Capital One has several jobs for the physically disabled at home with designations like Manager, Analyst, Specialist, Agent, and many more. It claims up to $30 Billion yearly revenue with a potential workforce. 

Appreciating, with other rewards Capital One received careers & the disabled magazine’s ‘Top 50 Employers’, DisabilityIN’s Disability Equality Index (DEI) 100% for making livelihood for disableds.

  • Job titles available: Customer Solutions Specialist, Engineer, Financial Analyst, Product Manager.
  • Pay: Financial Analyst, $75K-$111K/year.
  • Benefits: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Discounts, 401K Plan, Education Assistance. 
  • Where to apply: Capitalone Careers

#20 United Services Automobile Association

The organization is working to give the safety of lifestyle, private vehicles, residences, and others through insurance, retirement services, and on and on with around 37K employees and $35.6 Billion annual revenue. 

They exaggerate the working doors for people with disabilities, obesity, or spinal cord injuries. If you are physically challenged, then jobs for disabled people at home at USAA are welcoming for you. 

  • Job available: Facilitator, Entry Level Auto Claims Adjuster, Associate Actuary, Director.
  • Pay: Entry Level Auto Claims Adjuster, $50,835/year.
  • Benefits: Retirement savings plans, Paid time off, Service awards and recognition, Life insurance, Career development planning. 
  • Where to apply: Careers at USAA

#21 Starbucks

Starbucks provides the opportunity for work from home jobs for disabled adults, and find meaningful employment in various fields.

The company with 4.3% disabled employees is looking for virtual services to their customers. Know the story of a disabled employee Halberstam.

  • Job titles available: Data Entry Job, Customer Service Representative, Product Manager, Consultant Manager. 
  • Pay: Data Entry Job, $40K/year. (average base salary).
  • Benefits: Flexible hours, Location Flexibility, PTO.
  • Where to apply: Search Jobs at Starbucks

#22 Uber Technologies

Uber, is an app based ride-sharing service provider with over 6 million staff in 70 countries. They open the door to easy jobs for disabled adults while staying home. 

And they peaked the yearly revenue at around $31.88B last year. Uber technologies offer sit-down jobs, including collecting data, managing software, and so on for physically challenging talents.

Appreciating, they’re one of the top scorers of Disability: IN as a suitable place for growing a career as a handicapped.

  • Job titles available: Backend Software Engineer, Analyst, Programmer, Developer.
  • Pay: Backend Software Engineer, $250K annual base pay.
  • Benefits: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Paid Leaves.
  • Where to apply: Uber Technologies Career

#23 Salesforce

If you’re a techie then Salesforce has a job for you. You can work remotely in programming, marketing, servicing, and tech-related careers worldwide.

Salesforce offers competitive pay and excellent medical benefits. They even got their name on one of the prestigious awards Disability: IN for disabled employees.

  • Job titles available: Product Marketing Director, Senior Success Manager, Analyst – Sales Strategy & Operations, Data Engineer.
  • Pay: Senior Success Manager, $141K annual base pay.
  • Benefits: Health insurance, 401k plan, Wellness benefits, PTO.
  • Where to apply: Salesforce Career

#24 Visa

Visa is working to deal with multiple financial facts with yearly revenue of $34.4 Billion. They have up to 28K employees including 9K disableds with multiple abilities. 

Even have several jobs for the physically disabled at home. Visa added a number of benefits as well as broadened job positions for disableds from home.

  • Job titles available: Senior Account Executive, Account Coordinator, Crisis Case Manager, Core Developer. 
  • Pay: Account Coordinator, $155K per year (on base pay).
  • Benefits: Health insurance, Life insurance, 401k plan, Paid holidays, Performance bonus.
  • Where to apply: Visa Career

#25 Moderna

Moderna is one of the best places to start if you are looking for jobs for the physically disabled at home in health.

They have a specific team dedicated to supporting disabled people who want to sell their skills and knowledge over the phone or the internet. And with that kind of initiative, the impact was reflected through the last profit of around $6.8 billion.

  • Job titles available: Volunteer, Consultant, Agent, Implementation Science. 
  • Pay: Implementation Science, $150K/year.
  • Benefits: Wellness Reimbursement, Insurances (Dental, Vision, Health, Disability, AD&D), PTO.
  • Where to apply: Moderna Career

#26 Fidelity National Information Services

Fidelity Information Services (FIS) is a well-known multinational organization, which offers several financial products and services. If an individual is searching for a job with disabilities, there are great remote opportunities.

FIS had an annual revenue of around $9.82B with an interesting growth rate in the previous year. At the same time, it is one of the award winners of Disability:IN.

  • Jobs available: Oracle Database Administrator, InP – Call Center Supervisor, Project Management Analyst, Sales Executive, Consultant. 
  • Pay: Project Management Analyst, $157K/year with up to $66K additional pay.
  • Benefits: Health insurance, Pet insurance, Medical checkup insurances, PTO, Paid sick leaves and many more.
  • Where to apply: FIS Career

#27 Equitable

It is established with two organizations AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company and AllianceBernstein to solve financial aspects. 

They provide jobs for disabled people at home with multiple benefits and allowances with the identity of the best place to work by DEI.

Even Equitable peaked $3.64 B revenue till the 1st quarter of 2024.

  • Job titles available: Customer Service Representative, Behavioral Health Care Manager, Entry Level Finance Accounting Analyst
  • Pay:  Customer Service Representative, $17 per hour.
  • Benefits: Health Insurance, Sick Days, Vacation & Paid Time Off, Retirement Plan, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, 401K Plan.
  • Where to apply : Jobs at Centene

#28 Motorola Solutions

Motorola serves multiple tech solutions to consumers with a huge range of workforce.

If you are disabled or have any physical limitations to work outdoors then they are going to provide work-from-home opportunities to you.

Hence, with the benefits and bonuses too. Apart from that you may pay up to $155K annually for a position.

  • Jobs available: Test Engineer, Cybersecurity Service Engineer, Firmware Developer, Internship – Business Management. 
  • Pay: Cybersecurity Service Engineer, $150K/year.
  • Benefits: FSA, Health insurances, HSA, Retiree Health & Medical, Disability insurance.
  • Where to apply:Career at Motorola Solutions

#29 Citizens Financial Group

Citizens Financial Group is a financial institution that deals with services while offering sit-down jobs for the disabled from home under many of its branches. Additionally, they have $12.187 Billion yearly revenue.

Citizens Financial Group has positions for Finance, Marketing, and Analytics. Applicants can go through online searches to know in detail.

  • Jobs available: Platform Manager, Senior Network Engineer, Principal Software Engineer, Compliance Assurance Manager. 
  • Pay: Senior Network Engineer, $99K – $148K per year.
  • Benefits: Parental leave, Career assistance, Insurances, PTO.
  • Where to apply:Jobs at Citizen

#30 Hilton

Hilton offers remote internships to people suffering and recovering from any kind of mental or physical illness.

Hilton provides careers where employees determine where and when they work according to what best suits their needs, including remote positions.

The company’s work from home programs has enabled disabled adults to find jobs that fit their lifestyle.

  • Job titles available: Customer Service Representative, Copywriter, Assistant Team leader, Manager Deployment Communications Operating.
  • Pay: Customer Service Representative, $11 per hour.
  • Benefits: Health Insurance, Dental and vision coverage, Employee Discounts, 401k plan.
  • Where to apply:Jobs at Hilton

#31 Accenture

Accenture is one of the leading companies that offer jobs for people with disabilities with a 36,000 campaign named PwD (Power with Disabilities) in 52 countries. 

It continuously receives awards and recognitions, including Fair360’s (formerly DiversityInc) Hall of Fame, the top scorer on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, ranked on DEI, and on and on for making opportunities for handicapped with health issues like Spinal Cord Injuries, Arthritis, Obesity.

Even received appreciation from the existing disabled employees.

Veerendra Uppin working at Inspired - Mobility Hive

Source: Accenture

  • Job titles available: Marketing Support, Senior Copywriter, Data Architect, Technical Manager, Consultant.
  • Pay: Data Architect, $141,572/year (average base pay).
  • Benefits: Medical coverage, Dental and vision coverage, Bonus programs, Leadership equity grants, Paid leaves.
  • Where to apply:Jobs at Accenture

#32 American Institutes for Research

American Institutes for Research (AIR) supervises research in developing knowledge to support Education, Health, and Human Services all over the world.

Skilled disabled individuals with high-quality education can easily find a job here.

Last year, they peaked at an annual revenue of approximately $458.8M. Additionally, Disability Equality Index (DEI) recognized the AIR as the “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion” in back-to-back years.

  • Jobs available: Developper, Researcher, Educational assistant, Programmer, Finance manager. 
  • Pay: Programmer, $47K per year.
  • Benefits: Vision, Dental, Health benefits, 403(b) plan, PTO.
  • Where to apply:Career with AIR

#33 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

When it comes to hiring disabled workers, Blue Cross does not view disabilities as a person’s identity. They offer plenty of jobs for people with disabilities. 

Besides, the company provides information to educate employees and business leaders on the best ways to interact with people with disabilities.

  • Job titles available: Support Clerk, Case Manager, Claims Clerk.
  • Pay: Claims Clerk, $45,001/year (average base pay).
  • Benefits: Performance Bonus, Family Medical Leave, Vacation & Paid Time Off, Dental Insurance, Mobile Phone Discount, 401K Plan.
  • Where to apply:Join Blue Cross

#34 Centene Corporation

Centene is a Fortune 500 company with more than $155.52 billion in annual revenue. Centene proactively offers work at home jobs for seniors.

The company offers full-time jobs to disabled employees who are qualified to work at least 40 hours per week.

These include roles that range from customer service representatives and medical transcriptionists to managers overseeing teams of workers.

  • Job titles available: Customer Service Representative, Behavioral Health Care Manager, Entry Level Finance Accounting Analyst, Complex Discharge Planner.
  • Pay: Customer Service Representative, $17-$22 per hour.
  • Benefits: Health Insurance, Paid Sick Days, Vacation & Paid Time Off, Retirement Plan, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, 401K Plan.
  • Where to apply : Jobs at Centene

#35 Cox Communications

Cox Communications is one of the largest cable providers in America. Cox Communications has 18,000 employees who serve up to 3.5 million consumers.

The company offers jobs for disabled people at home who have a disability that can be accommodated by the corporate culture.

They received 60 awards for having a work scope with Inclusion & Diversity.

  • Job titles available: Customer Account Executive, Virtual Telesales Representative, Virtual Inbound Digital Sales Representative.
  • Pay: Virtual Inbound Digital Sales Representative, $54,000/year (average base pay)
  • Benefits: Education Reimbursement, Paid Sick Leave, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Paid Holidays, 401(k).
  • Where to apply: Jobs at Cox

#36 Dun & Bradstreet

Centene is a Fortune 500 company with more than $155.52 billion in annual revenue. Centene proactively offers work at home jobs for seniors.

The company offers full-time jobs to disabled employees who are qualified to work at least 40 hours per week.

These include roles that range from customer service representatives and medical transcriptionists to managers overseeing teams of workers.

  • Job titles available: Customer Service Representative, Behavioral Health Care Manager, Entry Level Finance Accounting Analyst, Complex Discharge Planner.
  • Pay: Customer Service Representative, $17-$22 per hour.
  • Benefits: Health Insurance, Paid Sick Days, Vacation & Paid Time Off, Retirement Plan, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, 401K Plan.
  • Where to apply : Jobs at Centene

#37 Gartner

Gartner is a research and consulting organization that is dedicated to helping employ people with disabilities. 

Additionally, they are added to the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) to create a strong workforce with the disabled.

In the meantime, they reached as top scorers on DEI back to back in the last 3 years.

Roughly 50% of Gartner’s workers telecommute and this flexibility helped Gartner profit $5.907B last year. The minimum wage is $20/hour. There are also medical benefits and health insurance.

  • Job titles available: Team Manager, Finance Expert, Data Engineer, Developer.
  • Pay: Data Engineer, $150K/year. (average base salary).
  • Benefits: Insurances, Mental Health Care, Paid Off.
  • Where to apply: Jobs at Gartner

#38 Google

Google focuses on innovation and skill rather than any physical condition of yours. It allows work at home jobs for disabled with equal opportunities. 

You can join in managing, designing, and service sectors. Google’s Disability Alliance works to empower the disabled to grow Google more and more.

  • Job titles available: Product Manager, Program Manager, Advocate, Technical Engineer.
  • Pay:  Program Manager, $158/year (average base pay)
  • Benefits: Insurance, Severance Pay, Paid Time Off.
  • Where to apply: Google Careers

#39 Gucci

Gucci earned $10.56 billion in profit in the last year with 20K+ employees. Gucci becomes remarkable for being a dream maker for the disabled. 

It offers at home jobs for disabled with a wide range of benefits, and assistive technology to help you get started on your career.

Gucci was rewarded with “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion” by DEI.

  • Job titles available: Clienteling specialist, Team manager, Digital Data Analyst.
  • Pay:  Digital Data Analyst, $45K -$87K yearly. 
  • Benefits: Insurance, Paid Leaves, Employment Discounts
  • Where to apply: Join Gucci

#40 Indeed

Indeed helps remove bias and offers jobs for handicapped people.

They gather 25K+ positions for those who are looking for disability jobs at home and put the listings on a single platform to make the findings easy.

They gained perfect scores for achieving DEI. Also, certified as the “best place to work.”

  • Job titles available: Assigner, Sales Representative, Online ESL Instructor.
  • Pay: Online ESL Instructor, $12-$15/hour
  • Benefits: Discounts, Insurance, 401K Plan, Paid leaves.
  • Where to apply: Find Jobs at Indeed

#41 Mathematica

Mathematica is a 50-year-old research and data analytics organization that has been driven by a mission and it is committed to improving public well-being.

Working-aged adults with disabilities who are looking for jobs from home can find jobs with a plethora of facilities.

Last year Mathematica peaked at a revenue of approximately $120M. Additionally, for the third consecutive year, Mathematica was recognized as a “Best Place for disability inclusion” by DEI.

  • Job titles available: Data Security Analyst, IT Business Relationship Manager, Salesforce Developer, Data Analytics Developer.
  • Pay: Salesforce Developer, $73K-$111K per year.
  • Benefits: Life and Accident Insurance, 401(k) Profit-Sharing Plan, Paid Time Off (PTO), Legal Benefit, Financial and Loan Resources and many more.
  • Where to apply:Find Jobs at Mathematica

#42 Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. is a well-known term providing varieties on social platforms. Snap provides employment opportunities with disability jobs at home.

They generated annual revenue of nearly $4.6B last year.

Besides, they are recognized as the Disability Equality Index (DEI) best place to work for disability inclusion.

  • Job titles available: Analyst Manager, Technical Program Manager, Creative Strategist, Designer..
  • Pay: Technical Program Manager, $350K annually (on average).
  • Benefits: Generous paid leave, Insurances, exclusive discounts on products, Mental and physical health care.
  • Where to apply:Snap Inc. Career

#43 United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the world’s largest shipping companies headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

The carrier serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. They also offer at home or online jobs for a disabled person.

  • Job titles available: Customs Brokerage Representative, Brokerage Account Manager, Data Entry, UX Designer.
  • Pay: Customs Brokerage Representative, $26 per hour.
  • Benefits: Cancer Insurance, Compensation plans, Work-Life Balance Programs, Health & Insurance Benefits, Business Travel Accident Insurance, 401(k) Plan.
  • Where to apply: Join UPS

#44 U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in America, with approximately 3,637 locations nationwide.

U.S. Bank is always looking for high-caliber people to join their team, including those who are disabled or have any other special need they may require accommodation for to make a successful career at U.S. Bank, according to the company’s website Jobs page.

  • Job titles available: Customs Brokerage Representative, Brokerage Account Manager, Data Entry, UX Designer.
  • Pay: Customs Brokerage Representative, $26 per hour.
  • Benefits: Cancer Insurance, Compensation plans, Work-Life Balance Programs, Health & Insurance Benefits, Business Travel Accident Insurance, 401(k) Plan.
  • Where to apply: Join UPS

#45 Xerox

Xerox employs over 8,000 remote employees. Their Heroes@Homeprogram makes a special point of hiring disabled veterans.

Xerox has many job openings in Customer Care, Tech Support, Data Entry/Verification, Image Tagging, and more positions available to remotely employed individuals who are physically impaired or disabled in some way.

  • Job titles available: Data Entry Clerk, Client Manager, Credit and Collections Representative.
  • Pay: Data Entry Clerk, $18.99 per hour.
  • Benefits: Bonus pay, Employee discount, Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage, Retirement plan, 401(K), and Vacation Paid Time Off.
  • Where to apply:Jobs at Xerox

How Can You Get a Job with a Disability?

How Can You Get a Job with a Disability?

There are several ways you can find disability jobs at home. You can search for jobs in both old-fashioned ways and modern paths. Let’s check out the appropriate sequence for getting an employment below-

Step 1: Trainings and Certifications

If you completed your graduation with a handsome score then that would be enough for you to get a job. 

On the other hand, for those who didn’t have an educational qualification or just completed high school, skill training is one of the scopes that opens the door to your career.

You should learn skills of communication, problem-solving, professionalism, and punctuality. Attending certification programs such as trainer, volunteer, consultant, and many more.

(If you have those skills and qualifications then skip the step)

How Can You Get a Job with a Disability

Step 2: Guidance

Go for job guidance through the organization who are going to help you create a resume, give a career assessment, guide you for interviews, help with applications, and support with employer contacts.

You may get help from the UDS Foundation, Easterseals, CareerOneStop, and many more.

Step 3: Write a Resume

A resume is one of the most crucial parts of getting a job. It needn’t be exaggerated but simple with proper description. 

It must contain your abilities, qualifications, skills, training, certifications, educational background, and experiences (if you have any). Keep the format easy to read.

Step 4: Search for a Job

Ask friends and relatives for leads. Search for ads. Check bulletin boards in offices and community organizations frequently. Seek job ideas through employment agencies. 

Make use of the Internet in your search. Look for opportunities for work at home for the disabled. There’s a whole world of jobs out there all around the world. Find jobs through , DisabilityInfo,org, Disability Solutions, Jobs for People in Wheelchairs.

Find out if there are businesses and groups in your area that hire people with physical challenges. Don’t be too proud to make use of these avenues.

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection! I work for people in India, Pakistan, Australia, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and the Philippines and I do all this from home.

We, seniors, have some unique opportunities. We can avail ourselves of both at-home and in-business jobs aimed at seniors. You can also seek work at home jobs for seniors through seniors’ organizations in your community or an online link or chat room.

Step 5: Preparation for Interview

Proper preparation may lead you to get the job. The interview is the part where you get a chance to show your communication, convenience, academic, and problem-solving skills together. Go through the point to make the task easy-

  • Search the ins and outs of the organization and try to know in depth like what they do, why, how, where, and others.
  • Introduce yourself properly.
  • Don’t interrupt the employer in the middle of their speech.
  • Try to be formal.
  • Avoid aging sympathy.
  • Mention your strong abilities in the answers.

Read more-

Easy Work from Home Jobs for Disabled People

at home jobs for disabled

We’ve come a long way. My valued clients don’t know or care that I am working for them from a wheelchair.

They want high-quality work on time. Companies have learned that people with disabilities have valuable experiences and skills to share.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time finding work-from-home employment have them check out the sources I’ve described.

Let your abilities be brightened.

Frequently Asked Questions about Work from Home Jobs for Disabled

Can I work from home on disability?

Yes, you can work from home on disability.

Any individual who has a documented disability and that the employer is aware of may request to be allowed to work from home at their discretion. This is because working from home can often be accommodated as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA.

Is it hard for a disabled person to get a job?

In the age of the internet not anymore. The internet is full of jobs for disabled people so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one if you’re willing to put some time into looking for them!

Many businesses are now committed to hiring people with disabilities. Companies can often find that disabled employees’ experience makes them invaluable, and they will quickly become indispensable team members. Plus, many federally-funded programs exist like the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) aimed at assisting employers as well as workers accommodations nationwide by providing employment related assistance free and we’ll explore all options together.

Does amazon hire disabled adults?

Yes, Amazon is a huge employer of disabled adults and work from home employees. They have many positions available for disabled adults such as Data Entry Specialist, Customer Service Assistant, and Payment Associate.

How do you make money if you are disabled?

The Social Security Administration provides survivor’s and SSDI benefits ($1,220 monthly) if you are unable to work.

Some other paths that might be worth exploring include self-employment as a freelancer (mentioned above) or part time jobs at local retailers or businesses in your area. Life always gives us opportunities; we just have to look around us and make some of our own too! Good luck!

Gail Lennon

8 thoughts on “45 Companies Offering Jobs for Disabled People at Home”

    1. Hello Mamata, You can do a few things to find work from home opportunities if you are hearing impaired. You can look at NAD website for career opportunities. You can also reach out to companies directly and inquire about any remote work opportunities they may have. Finally, you can connect with other hearing-impaired individuals and ask for recommendations or advice on finding work from home opportunities.

  1. My 27-year-old grandson really wants a job and is probably best suited to do data entry. I don’t know that he would be the fastest but he would be diligent. This would be such a boost for his self-worth. I would welcome a conversation about this possibility.

  2. I am trying to get disability help from the government because I have a chronic health disorder but in the meantime I am struggling to make any means of money. I also have a speech impediment that holds me back from the majority of jobs, is there any type of work out there that suits me? Any help and I’d be grateful!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering from a chronic health disorder. I wish you all the best in your search for a job.
      For now, you should consider doing Chat Support Jobs, Freelance Writing Jobs, or Data Entry jobs. It will keep you engaged and bring some money in the meantime. You can also check out Upwork and Fiverr, where you will find many jobs that require different skills and should suit you.

  3. Hello. My name is Teneca Idom I am a disabled adult. I have to social disabilities such a social anxiety. Currently, I am unemployed and I don’t have transportation to go to any local jobs so I am seeking fully remote job positions with no luch. Almost all my work history has been in retail like Target, Krogers, and Walmart as a cashier, stock clerk, deli clerk, etc. I am not so smart, but I believe I speak well, I have great raw typing skills, and basic computer knowledge having gone to college for computer science. I see many job positons everywhere but I do not have a degree or experience. Are you able to tell me what type remote job hire people with no experience, please?  Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Teneca,

      Your experience working at Walmart and others is enough to get an entry-level remote job. There are many entry-level or part-time remote jobs available for you without a degree or previous experience. Some of them are:

      Data entry clerk: This role involves entering data into a computer system or database. Some companies may be willing to hire someone without experience for this type of position.

      Transcriptionist: This job involves listening to audio recordings and typing out the words to create written documents. This can often be done remotely, and some companies may be willing to train someone without experience.

      Customer service representative: Many companies hire customer service representatives to work remotely, answering customer questions and providing support via phone, email, or live chat. While some positions may require experience, others may be willing to train the right candidate.

      You can try searching for these types of jobs on job search websites or reaching out to organizations that support individuals with disabilities to see if they have any job leads.

      You may also want to consider seeking out additional training or short courses to improve your chances of finding a job.

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