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17 Accessible Jobs for People in Wheelchairs: Open to All

    Accessible Jobs for People in Wheelchairs

    Being in a wheelchair isn’t a curse. It’s a chance to think about life exceptionally. I’m leading my life proudly with my wheelchair jobs and arthritis. I’m not stable physically but financially and mentally. 

    Don’t be shattered if you don’t have a job. Whether you have a degree or not, whether you are in a wheelchair or not, there are always opportunities knocking on your door. 

    Just be patient and select wisely. Go through the blog to find the best wheelchair friendly jobs for you.

    Jobs for People in Wheelchairs Without High School Diploma or GED

    Several organizations rely on the employer’s quality rather than any educational background or extra physical strength. 

    That includes outdoor jobs for wheelchair users such as Dubbing Artists, Automotive technicians, and Florists, and indoor jobs for people in wheelchairs like Customer Service Representatives, Telemarketers, and many more. Know in detail below-

    #1 Florist

    Florist wheelchair user - Mobility Hive

    You may be associated as a floral designer, garden associate, wholesale manager, and many more. You can complete the tasks without moving from your wheelchair.

    It’s kind of a full-time, part-time, and remote position too. For the first two, you need to go to the store, but for the last one, you are supposed to stay at home and complete the orders. No matter if you have cerebral palsy, you work as a florist here.

    National Average Salary: The wages fluctuate between $45K – $67K per year, depending on state to state.

    Primary Duties: You may be involved in choosing and buying flowers for the store, recommending to buyers the combination of flowers, preparing bouquets, watering the flowers, displaying, and on and on.

    Find the best florist jobs for disabled people

    #2 Dubbing Artist

    a highly wheelchair-friendly job for someone with Spinal Cord Injurie

    Dubbing Artist becomes a highly wheelchair-friendly job for someone with Spinal Cord Injuries.

    As a voice-over artist, you need to work on announcements, audiobooks, video games, podcasts, documentaries, and so on. 

    In most cases, educational qualifications aren’t mandatory here. Only wanted proper pronunciation and a clear voice. It’s suitable for us who are in wheelchairs as there’s no need to stand up and do anything.

    National Average Salary: It ranges around $65K yearly. But on the basis of your performance it can be higher.

    Primary Duties: Here, you are supposed to read the script, express emotion through your voice, be verbally clear, and control your tone of pitch. 

    In short, you should perform as an artist whose voice will be telecast for a movie, video games, and advertisements.

    Find the best Dubbing Artist jobs for wheelchair users-

    #3 Delivery Driver

    Of course, driving is one of the easiest livelihoods if you don’t have any educational qualification or GED. You can join as an Uber driver or delivery rider. Even with your amputation, obesity with a wheelchair.

    Transports like the Chrysler Voyager, Toyota Sienna, and Kia Soul are easy to access for wheelchair users. So, it encloses a good opportunity for us.

    National Average Salary: It ranges approximately $15 for an hour. The payable may vary from state to state.

    Primary Duties: You need to drive to pick passengers up and drop them off, deliver food for a particular organization, share rides, and many more.

    Find the most accessible delivery driver jobs fo you-

    #4 Telemarketer

    telemarketer as wheelchair friendly jobs

    Farm of states, telecommunication services, internet, and web services are the scope of getting jobs for people in wheelchairs as telemarketers. You may not need a diploma or other degree. 

    You needn’t move here and there to complete tasks but sit in your wheelchair comfortably. Sometimes fluency and proper skill of representation are enough for being a telemarketer as wheelchair friendly jobs.

    National Average Salary: It ranges approximately $37K-$40K for a year. The estimation may cross according to the status of the individual state and the position of the company.

    Primary Duties: Answering calls, giving online advice/recommendations, explaining service details over the phone, and maintaining records are tasks involved in telemarketing.

    Find the best telemarketer jobs for people with disabilities-

    Wheelchair Friendly Jobs that Only Require a High School Diploma and No Experience

    Experience may make one an expert. But to get experience, a start must be required. You don’t need to be handicapped as well as not having a higher degree. 

    If you only have a high school diploma but no working experience, there are also options available for you as a fresher for wheelchair jobs. Check some of them here-

    #5 Digital Marketing Specialist

    Great for those with physical limitations! Digital marketing is a trending field where you can work entirely online. As a Wheelchairn friendly job, a digital marketing specialist, a world of opportunities awaits, regardless of your circumstances.

    National Average Salary: $87,769 per year in the United States.

    Primary Duties: Your job is all about planning, running, and checking the results of online advertising campaigns. This includes things like social media and search engines.

    Find the best Digital Marketing jobs for wheelchair users-

    #6 Receptionist

    Even if you can’t move because of your body, being a receptionist opens up tons of possibilities. Don’t let any challenges hold you back from your dream job.

    National Average Salary: $31,200 per year in the United States.

    Primary Duties: You’ll be the first face people see! You’ll greet visitors, answer calls, and help out with office tasks. Basically, you make sure everything runs smoothly and people feel welcome. It’s a big responsibility, but also a fun way to meet new people!

    Find the most accessible Receptionist jobs for you- 

    #6 Bookkeeper

    You need to maintain the invoice or any financial documents of an organization. Also, you may join in a remote position without any experience. Your wheelchair, multiple sclerosis won’t affect the position. Several organizations may offer on-the-job training for you.

    National Average Salary: The wage of a bookkeeper is $22 for an hour in most of the states in the USA.

    Primary Duties: You’ll be appointed to prepare invoices, update balances, record transactions, review reports, examine the reports, and so on.

    Find the best bookkeeper jobs for people with mobility limitations-

    #7 Call Center Agent

    Companies like Teleperformance, Verizon, Liveops, and Bank of America give a path for a wheelchair user to join their organization where they comfortably play the exact role. 

    Call center agent is one of them. You can work from home or in person. You needn’t leave your chair to execute the responsibilities.

    National Average Salary: Most of the time, it is considered as $15 for an hour. Also, for entry level employees, it’s $27K for a year.

    Primary Duties: You are involved in receiving calls, answering queries with proper information, pinpointing customer requirements, and responding to the queries.

    Find the best Call Center Agent jobs for wheelchair users-

    #8 Web Designer

    It’s a vast field of opportunities. No matter whether you are in a wheelchair or have a limited qualification with no experience, still, there are still opportunities as a web designer. 

    You may get the opportunity to come up as a graphic designer, UX designer, project manager, SEO expert, and so on. 

    To illustrate, having ideas about Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, JavaScript may add extra points to your profile.

    National Average Salary:  $69,965 per year in the United States.

    Web Designer Average Salaries - Mobility Hive

    Primary Duties: Employing as a web designer is one of the best jobs for wheelchair users from my perspective. 

    You are supposed to test websites, design them with multiple tools, make the site informative, as well as catchy, and easy to access, and do certain tasks to keep the website up to date.

    Find the best Web designer jobs for people in wheelchairs-

    Jobs for Wheelchair Users with Bachelor’s Degrees and More

    When you have a degree, the struggling path may become much more light. You are in a wheelchair! It doesn’t affect your educational qualification at all. 

    There are several opportunities open for you as a graduate. Even some are jobs for someone in a wheelchair.

    #9 Artificial Intelligence Specialist

    With tech changing all the time, it’s smart to pick a job for the future. Physical limitations don’t have to hold you back! As an Artificial Intelligence specialist, you’ll have tons of opportunities, no matter what your situation is.

    National Average Salary:  $105,000 per year in the United States.

    Primary Duties: you’ll build and improve programs that make computers smart and learn new things. This could involve helping computers understand language or even see the world!  Basically, you’ll be helping to shape the future of technology.

    Find the most accessible Artificial Intelligence specialist jobs for you-

    #10 Blockchain Developer

    The world of tech is always changing, so it’s important to think ahead about your career. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals!  If you’re a blockchain developer, there are tons of great jobs out there, no matter what your situation is.

    National Average Salary:  $140,000 per year in the United States.

    Primary Duties: As a blockchain developer, you build and take care of special programs and contracts that run on blockchain networks. Your work helps keep transactions safe and makes data more reliable, which is pushing blockchain technology forward!

    Find the best Blockchain Developer jobs for people with disabilities-

    #11 Software Engineer

    software engineer jobs for people with mobility limitations - Mobility Hive

    If you’re messing with your career and reality, that might not be a wise path. Being in a wheelchair, struggling with spinal cord injuries, obesity, and others is a part of life but not a life when you have a degree in your bucket. 

    And the path may become easier when you are a software engineer. Options like developer of application, system, quality assurance, mobile, and many more are open for you as a software engineer.

    National Average Salary: The salary is around $135K for a year depending on state it may vary. It’s comparatively higher in San Francisco about $174K yearly.

    Primary Duties: You must develop, maintain, design, operate, control moderate websites, games, businesses, network, softwares and on and on.

    Find the best software engineer jobs for people with mobility limitations-

    #12 User Experience (UX) Designer

    It’s mainly a desk job. So, if you are a wheelchair user, it doesn’t create any hassle. 

    Your knowledge is essential here, including skills of communicating, collaboration, problem-solving, depth thinking, prototyping, and so on.

    National Average Salary:  $94,747

    Primary Duties: UX designers need to go through user research, prototypes, and wireframes, execute tasks through, Sketch, and Illustrator, test the overall tasks, and many more.

    Find the best User Experience Designer jobs for people in wheelchair-

    #13 Assistant Executive

    You’re appointed to work under high-level officers such as the CEO or head of any department.

    Here, you may undertake the responsibilities of scheduling, fixing meetings, and responding on behalf of the officer. The responsibilities won’t depend on your physical conditions. It can be a perfect jobs for people in a wheelchair.

    National Average Salary: The salary is on average $71K for a year depending on educational qualification, certification and others.

    Primary Duties: You should answer phone calls and emails, attend visitors, fix meeting times, and summarize any topic or event.

    Find the best Assistant Executive jobs for wheelchair users-

    #14 Online Tutor

    You’re in a wheelchair, and sitting outdoors is tough for you? Don’t worry, you can conduct classes or run your online classes while staying at home and using social media. 

    Your muscular dystrophy won’t make a boundary on the path to success. TutorEye, TutorMe, and Learn To Be are some of the well-known platforms in the USA that run online tutions.

    National Average Salary: The salary can be $19 for an hour. Even it can be as low as $12 for an hour.

    Primary Duties: You are assigned for instructing classes, creating outlines, providing feedback, and many more.

    Find the best Online Tutor jobs for people with mobility limitations-

    #15 Data Analyst

    Being a data analyst is a good option for you as a wheelchair user. You need not move from your wheelchair, the thing you need is your coordination and task-solving ideas. 

    Your physical ability is minor here the majors are your knowledge about SQL, Excel, SAS, Power Bl. It’s even expected that the job opportunities for data analysts may increase by 22% within the upcoming decade.

    National Average Salary: The average yearly salary of a data analyst is approximately $62K but it’s applicable for you when you are fresher. 

    The payment scenario is different when you are experienced enough. Even a data analyst with 10 years experience may get $154K yearly.

    Primary Duties: Collect data, analyze them, let the data go through several operations, present with a form of easy to understand, and so on. 

    But reviewing and editing again and again are must-do tasks for an analyst.

    Find the best Data Analyst jobs for people in wheelchairs-

    #16 Financial Analyst

    Your guidance matters more in this designation than your physical ability. You need to have up-to-date, instant problem-solving ability. 

    Bank, real estate brokerage, and insurance companies are welcoming opportunities for you as a financial analyst.

    National Average Salary: The average salary might be on average $70K-$90K for a year. It fluctuates based on your years of experience.

    Primary Duties: Financial analysts are employed to guide organizations in decision-making for investment and ensure the highest profit. 

    You should search the market values of bonds, stocks, and others to find the best financial deal for the company.

    Find the most accessible Financial Analyst jobs for you-

    #17 Counselor

    It’s a profession where you get the opportunity to guide or sort out a problem. If you’re in a wheelchair and have multiple sclerosis, obesity counseling is the kind of job where those demerits won’t lighten up. 

    The only thing that matters is how you deal with the ones who seek help.

    National Average Salary: The average salary of a counselor is approximately $60K for a year according to latest surveys.

    Primary Duties: As a counselor, you will be bound to guide, plan strategy, identify the obligation, and so on. 

    It can be mental health issues, family issues, issues regarding personal or professional lives, and others.

    Find the most accessible Counselor jobs for you-

    Disability is ability itself. Your education and physical strength are minor, but your mental strength is essential for being successful. 

    Of course, academic certification may add extra benefits, but still those who don’t have them get opportunities. I tried to give you the resources for the best jobs for wheelchair users. Share your work experience with us by commenting below.

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