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What Jobs Can a Person in a Wheelchair Do? Jobs with Salaries

    jobs can a person in a wheelchair do - Mobility Hive

    Desk and remote jobs are more welcoming for job seekers in wheelchairs.

    My cousin John had a car accident, and after several surgeries, he managed to survive but lost walking capacity due to spinal cord injuries. But this couldn’t restrict him.

    He started online classes as he was a bright student and became popular among youngsters. 

    So, the proverb “Nothing is Impossible” actually exists. This blog is going to show jobs can a person in a wheelchair do and the ins and outs.

    Jobs a Person in a Wheelchair Can Do

    jobs you can do in a wheelchair - Mobility Hive

    In the US, there are many jobs can a person in a wheelchair do. 

    Even according to research, more than 30% of graduates or up to this qualification are employed with wheelchair-accessible jobs with several physical conditions such as cerebral palsy, amputation, arthritis, and many more. 

    Furthermore, 17%-25% are involved in wheelchair jobs with a high school or college degree. Moreover, 10% have a far less educational qualification but still manage to get jobs for wheelchair users. 

    So, no matter your physical condition, you may always have an opportunity to explore. Know other options below-

    #1 Remote/Work from Home Jobs for Wheelchair Users

    On remote jobs, you can prepare a workstation according to your convenience with a wheelchair. 

    Also, you need to conduct your tasks by staying at home. 

    There is no need to go out. That may make your life easier. This type of job can be-

    1.1 Content Creators

    As a content creator, you are supposed to create posts, audio, videos, blogs, and reels from home for a target audience to grab their attention and share informative ideas, stories, reviews, experiences, and others by not moving from the wheelchair. 

    You are free to use any kind of platform, including facebook, instagram, youtube, X, upwork, fiverr and so on. Such as-

    • Freelance Content Writers—$55,000
    • Assistant Technical Editors—$58,000
    • Content Strategy Director—$86,000
    • Technical Translator—$55,019
    • YouTuber— $60,943
    • Web Designer—$59,302
    • SEO Copywriter—$41,549
    • Digital Content Strategist—$73,000
    • Blogger—$45,000
    • Influencer—$63,579
    • Motivational Speakers—$79,000
    • TikToker—$45,000 

    While talking about content creators in wheelchairs, how can one forget to mention Ezzat Dablan a successful influencer in a wheelchair with multiple bone diseases, Sylvia Longmire proved herself as a well known producer, writer, filmmaker. 

    Also, Cory Lee, Kathryn Granger, Milly Pickles, Jozelle Tech are successful content creators with wheelchairs in different content creation sectors.

    1.2 Tech & Data Gurus: 

    Dealing with software and hardware and its operations, production, repair, installation, management, and modification are the key responsibilities you should perform as a tech/ data expert. It’s one of the known jobs can a person in a wheelchair do. 

    Moreover, if you’ve skills in IT, managing projects, and handling communication, it will be a suitable job for you.

    You can join as a:

    • Front-End Web Developer— $82,819
    • Full-Stack Developer— $85,469
    • UX Designer— $94,544
    • Technical Consultant— $83,7406
    • IBM Data Analyst— $83,9858
    • PHP Developer— $68,927
    • Python Developer— $94,544
    • Data Entry Clerk— $31,58213
    • Chief Technical Officer (CTO) — $166,511
    • Computer Programmer— $85,236
    • Mobile App Developer— $96,000

    1.3 Customer Service Stars:

    A Telemarketer on a wheelchair - Mobility Hive
    Telemarketer in a wheelchair

    You need to maintain data, process billings, provide customer support, ensure targets of sale, manage communication, and so on. The location is your home from where you can perform the tasks in a wheelchair. 

    You may join an organization as a:

    • Chief Customer Officer— $176,649
    • Head of Call Center— $68,000
    • Call Center Supervisor— $37,000
    • Help Desk Support Specialist— $33,000
    • Desktop Support Specialist— $33,000
    • Sales Consultant— $37,000
    • Sales Development Representative— $34,583
    • Virtual Administrative Assistant— $51,625

    1.4 Creative and Artistic: 

    You should have the capability to create a proper visual representation of a task that can be teaching, designing logos, packaging, crafting, makeup artist, web design, art director and many more.

    • Book Designer— $30,800
    • Design Assistant— $52,800
    • Illustrator— $53,608
    • Forensic Animator— $91,924
    • 3D Modeler—  $81,394
    • Animation Director— $71,266
    • Ghostwriter— $56,377
    • Social Media Writer— $66,107
    • Game Developer—  $91,009
    • Character Designer— $95,235

    #2 Office-Based Jobs Suitable for Wheelchair Users

    Office Based Suitable Jobs for Wheelchair Users - Mobility Hive

    Wheelchair-accessible jobs aren’t only limited to your resident. Even ADA takes steps to make job places suitable for those with wheelchairs, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, and many more. 

    Desks, ramps, elevators, and stairs are becoming easy to access for wheelchair users nowadays. You can accept the following option as your designation-

    2.1 Business Brains

    You are appointed to make plans, execute them for the betterment of the business, and take necessary decisions according to company policy. 

    Banks, Insurance Companies, Organizations like JPMorgan Chase & Co, Accenture, Target, and others are welcoming wheelchair-friendly jobs. You can join the career path as a –

    • Chartered Professional Accountant— $124,000
    • Internal Auditor— $64,968
    • Financial Analyst— $66,939
    • HR Specialists— $57,242
    • Marketing Specialists— $56,672
    • Services Marketers— $46,000
    • Accounting Clerks— $38,683
    • Audit Clerks— $30,000
    • Market Research Analysts— $60,555
    • Marketing Specialists— $56,672

    2.2 Legal Eagles:

    Law firms are the best option for you to join. Here, your physical disability isn’t going to be highlighted. But, your talent, justification knowledge, and overview of different subjects matter the most. 

    • Legal Secretary— $60,455
    • Legal Specialist— $72,555
    • Legal Executive Assistant— $53,442
    • Chief Legal Officer— $383,800
    • Legal Consultant— $75,024
    • Legal Manage— $90,714

    2.3 Communication Champions:

    Leadership is more essential rather than being a worker as a specialist in communication. 

    Your wheelchair isn’t a major part here although, you have point talking skills, make quick decisions in any circumstances, give relevant information on queries, and so on. Well-known organizations are going to hire you only if you have this skill.

    • Front Desk Receptionist— $31,482
    • Hotel Receptionist— $28,000
    • Office Clerk— $42,794
    • County Clerk—  $62,261
    • Call Center Representative— $35,664
    • Chat Agent— $44,800
    • Entry Level Contac— $43,262

    In addition, Entry Level Contact Center Agent, and Call Center Trainer are accessible options for you. Check those out if you have a broad communication skill.

    #3 Outdoor Jobs You Can Do in a Wheelchair

    Outdoor Jobs You Can Do in a Wheelchair - Mobility Hive

    In the era of opportunities, wheelchair users aren’t lacking behind. With indoor jobs at home and offices, you may also get opportunities in outdoor works with proper accessibilities with paths, spaces for turning and parking, lower mediums, and many more. 

    Driving, photography, guiding tours, and controlling traffic are related to this specific part. Know the details here-

    3.1 Navigators

    Achieving goals, identifying obstacles and solving them, proper planning to execute the assigned tasks, and maintaining protocols are essential aspects of a navigator. 

    • Park Rangers— $40,801
    • Public Safety Rangers: $36,596
    • Forest Rangers: $41,431
    • Traffic Controllers: $39,099
    • Truck Drivers— $60,326
    • Food Delivery Driver— $42,900 

    3.2 Green Guardians:

    Saving natural creations is the main object of this criterion. It’s not about dealing with heavy objects or moving here and there frequently. 

    It’s about looking after nature while sitting in your wheelchair, introducing nature to others, letting others know about the creations, and so on. You can be an: 

    • Environmental Technologist— $62,900
    • Environmental Technician— $39,690
    • Groundskeeper for Apartments— $31,200
    • Farmer’s Market Vendor— $62,789
    • Landscape Designers— $55,516
    • Lawn Care Technician— $32,439
    • Interior Landscapers— $72,849

    3.3 Adventure Architects:

    Punctuality, managing events, approaching skill, analytical ability, team building and handling capacity, and on and on are key approaches you need to have while performing as an adventure architect. 

    Your muscular dystrophy, obesity, and amputation for being in a wheelchair aren’t a factor to consider here. You can choose among: 

    • Tour Guide— $32,323
    • Parking Lot Attendant— $34,459
    • Stores Attendant— $32,594
    • Campground Host— $29,250

    #4 Health & Wellness Jobs for Wheelchair Users

    Health Wellness Jobs for Wheelchair Users - Mobility Hive

    In this profession, you should look after others’ workouts, fitness, nutrition, and diet plans, let others know about health risks, give health solutions, and many more. 

    Your physical limitations aren’t counted here if you are self-motivated. You can be a guide, mentor, trainer, and others.

    4.1 Nutrition Navigators:

    Looking after others’ proteins, making diet plans for individuals, and giving proper direction for workouts are the tasks you need to perform after joining as a nutrition navigator with your wheelchair. You are going to be a:

    • Community Health Worker— $48,200
    • Employee Wellness Consultant— $88,500
    • Child Nutrition Specialist— $20,229
    • Patient Advocate— $44,978
    • Nutrition Assistant— $44,520
    • Clinical Nutrition Manager— $74,345
    • Chief Clinical Dietitian— $66,292
    • Fitness Attendant— $29,331
    • Health Coach— $78,700
    • Weight Loss Coach— $78,700

    Zion Clark from the USA, Ella Beaumont from the UK, and Ben Wright from Australia are living examples of how a person in a wheelchair can be a successful fitness trainer as well as Athletes. 

    Even Ben Wright participated in powerlifting in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Here is his result below-

    Ben Wright wheelchair basketball and athletics - Mobility Hive

    4.2 Holistic Healers:

    To be a holistic healer, you must have proper certification, qualifications, and experience. 

    • Therapists— $40,000
    • Naturopathic Physicians (NDs)— $80,000
    • Herbalists—  $50,300
    • Acupuncturists— $72,470 

    4.3 Mindfulness Mentors: 

    A wheelchair user with several health issues, including cerebral palsy, arthritis, obesity, and muscular dystrophy, enables you to be physically and mentally stable with proper guidance, treatment plans, therapies, and others. 

    When you share your skills and achievements with others that may result in a positive impact for both. And it becomes more appreciated when you do it through your profession. You can explore the options:

    • Youth Sports Coach— $50,000
    • Teacher of Mindfulness— $70,000
    • Relaxation Wellness Coach— $40,000
    • Meditation Instructor— $40,000
    • Yoga Instructor— $30,000
    • Addiction Therapist— $40,000
    • Behavioral Therapist— $45,000

    #5 Entrepreneurship

    Self-Employment would convert disabilities into a new avenue with a bunch of flexibility, such as compatible working hours, independence in decision-making, and so on. 

    Besides, your life will be enjoyable as you do not have any bound to explain yourself to anyone.

    You can be an online retailer, a creative entrepreneur, jewelry or craft artist, music composer, and many more. Know in depth below-

    5.1 Online Retailer:

    You need to manage ecommerce shop with your wheelchair with some key responsibilities, including social media marketing strategy, market research, guiding the assistant, maintaining the shipping and producing customer services, and so on. You can join as an:

    • Amazon FBA—$43,935
    • Liquidation Pallets
    • Dropshipping Business—$40,970
    • Print-on-demand—$55,675

    5.2 Creative Entrepreneurs:

    Your creative skills, and passion can be turned into a business in several industries, such as art, craft, design, music, entertainment, and many more. You may start as a:

    • 3-D Model Maker—$70,324 
    • Cake Decorator—$31,509
    • Concept Artist— $53,299
    • Personalized Music Composer—$54,646

    Key Considerations for Job Seekers in Wheelchairs

    While selecting an opportunity, there must be some contemplation by the employee of a skill, the workplace, the accessibility of the place, and so on. 

    The facts you should consider to wheelchair friendly jobs are-

    Focus on Skills, not Limitations: 

    Focus on what you’re good at and what you enjoy. Choose a career that excites you and uses your skills. Accessibility shouldn’t hold you back.

    Communication skills, problem-solving ability, fast typing speed, good academic scores, proficiency in using gadgets, and many more are skills for success with a wheelchair.

    Workplace Accessibility: 

    While researching wheelchair accessible jobs, look into potential employers’ workplaces to see if they have features like ramps, accessible restrooms, and lowered counters.

    During the interview process, you can inquire further about accessibility and discuss any specific needs you may have.

    Reasonable Accommodations: 

    Employers are legally required by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees with disabilities.

    This could include modifying workstations, providing assistive technology, or adjusting schedules. 

    Be open to discussing your needs and working collaboratively to find solutions.

    There are a lot of jobs you can do in a wheelchair. Most of them only require your qualifications and skills.

    Additionally, you have options to select the workplace at your convenience. Do you want an indoor, outdoor, hybrid, eager to launch something yourself? 

    Everything is at your fingertips through the blog. Keep calm and select the proper destination. Don’t forget to share your job experience in the comment section.

    Gail Lennon

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