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Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair – Benefits & Drawbacks

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    If you’re tired of using a transport chair and want to be able to move around on your own, a manual wheelchair is a better option.

    With larger tires, it’s easier to navigate small bumps or cobblestone sidewalks. In this case, the Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair is the best option.

    First available in 2018, this lightweight foldable wheelchair can accommodate adults weighing up to two hundred and fifty pounds.

    Among wheelchairs for adults the Drive Medical Blue Streak wheelchair is part of a leading class of high-tech mobility enhanced engineering feats.

    In A Hurry? Our Top 5 Reasons To Buy

    Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair - Mobility Hive

    Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

    Our Star Rating
    • Considering the Price, you can’t go Wrong!
    • Roll Under a Table More Easily – just push a button to lift the armrests and put them behind you.
    • No Assembling Hassles – come completely assembled except for the leg rests.
    • Buttery Smooth Maneuver – You can get around your home and office with no problems.
    • Easy Folding makes transport and storage very simple.

    Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair Review


    • Easy to maneuver around and fit into smaller spots.
    • Folded down easily and fit well in the back of the car.
    • It took the bumps and cracks like they weren’t there.
    • Rolls easily into any handicapped-accessible location.
    • Post-purchase replacement parts are available.
    • Just like Limb Support, accessories can be added according to your need.
    • Steel-made frame ensures high durability.
    • Washing is very easy and requires very little maintenance.


    Why We Recommend This Wheelchair

    For the price, the Blue Streak has a lot going for it. It rates five out of five in value when compared to other folding wheelchairs.

    The Blue Streak with its powder blue coated frame will catch the eye of every passerby. In its collection of Drive wheelchairs, the Blue Streak is the fashion maven.

    Best used indoors, the Blue Streak maneuvers easily. Front wheels turn easily allowing turnaround in small spaces. Reach is easily within adult arm span thus avoiding repetitive movement injuries.

    We believe in quality, why not save some money at the same time!

    When it comes to comfort in a low-cost chair, the Blue Streak offers several features.

    It comes with flip back padded desk arms, easy-to-operate disk brakes, swing-out footrests and lightweight plastic foot-pads.

    All this allows for ease of making transfers in and out of your Blue Streak.

    The shorter arms let to get in under worktables, bathroom sinks, and eating surfaces. This greatly improves posture and avoids aches from awkward movements and sitting positions.

    The nylon upholstery is easy to keep clean. It folds up easily for transporting your chair in your vehicle. This durable material breathes to provide you with a cooler back and seat for those hot, sweaty summer days.

    Leg rests can be ordered as swing-away or as elevated swing-off models that provide greater circulation for legs and feet. This second option is not usually available in portable folding and low-priced chairs.

    The Drive Medical Blue Streak wheelchair is not ultralight.

    However, for portability, the wheels easily flip off with just a click. Leg supports also snap off easily. This makes lifting its component parts both doable and convenient.

    Because the five pieces disassemble quickly, the Blue Streak can be placed in a back seat, even a small car trunk, or the back of a van for easy travel.

    This folding wheelchair is guaranteed to meet all your needs—and more.

    If you are looking for a chair that will give you mobility, comfort, and greater independence, then you need to look no further.

    The Blue Streak rates four out of five for convenient features. Users liked the handy pocket at the back to store items safely.

    They liked the click off detachable wheels, the padded arms, and the swing away foot supports.

    Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair Review

    Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair Unboxing


    For its price, no folding chair offers the value of the Blue Streak. It is highly portable, and easy to use. This durable chair is easy to assemble and disassemble for transporting in even compact vehicles.

    With its light blue enamel appearance the Blue Streak is a sporty, attractive chair.

    When buying this model of wheelchair, it’s a good idea to also buy the Drive Medical 14886 Skin Protection Gel “E” Wheelchair Seat Cushion. Doing this provides extra protection and comfort.

    The Drive Medical Blue Streak wheelchair has a lot to offer those who are mobility challenged.

    Drive Medical Blue Streak Frequently Asked Question

    How much does the Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair weigh?

    Answer: The total weight of this wheelchair is 41.25 pounds. This weight is more than some other models. The chair is an ideal weight for most users but some may find it heavy.

    Can I take this chair on an airplane?

    Answer: The chair can be folded and sent onto the plane as checked luggage. It is tagged for last-one and first-off so it arrives at the door of the plane when you arrive at your destination.

    Does the chair have to be assembled?

    Answer: Only the leg rests have to be clicked in place when it arrives.

    What is the maximum amount of weight that can be held by this chair?

    Answer: The maximum amount of weight that this chair can hold is 250 lbs.

    How do you know which width you need?

    Answer: The chair should be wide enough to accommodate width across the buttocks, hips, or thigh. It is important not to feel too snug in the chair.

    Are there accessories that should be purchased?

    Answer: If you are going to be sitting in the chair for extended periods, we highly recommend a good supportive cushion. Our choice is the Drive Medical 14886 Skin Protection Gel “E” Wheelchair Seat Cushion.

    Can I use this chair outside?

    Answer: The Blue Streak is not intended for transport across grass, sand and other uneven and challenging surfaces. Certainly you could sit in it on a porch or patio.

    What is the width of the Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair?

    Answer: Width varies as you may buy sixteen, eighteen, or twenty inch seat widths. Add six inches to each to get maximum chair width. So, a twenty-inch chair would be twenty-six inches wide.