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World’s Lightest Folding Wheelchairs

    the lightest wheelchair you can buy

    Thanks to modern technology, you needn’t be a weight lifter to transport a wheelchair. Some of the lightest wheelchairs ever made are now available. Let’s look at two of the lightest wheelchairs on the market.

    #1 Hi Fortune Lightweight Medical Manual Wheelchair

    If you are looking for the lightest wheelchair in the world, then you need to look no farther. The lightest folding wheelchair you can buy is the Hi-Fortune 21lbs Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair. This featherweight wheelchair is also a great buy at under $500

    Our Top 4 Reasons To Buy:


    • The Pro-Fortune weighs 21 pounds.
    • The magnesium alloy frame is durable.
    • Driver and occupant brakes.
    • Folding size approximate to 29″ luggage.
    • Anti-Tippers Available


    • Only one size available.

    For a folding, lightweight wheelchair, the Hi Fortune lightweight medical manual wheelchair is surprisingly comfortable. The seat made of durable material provides a stable platform and easily accommodates a cushion. Padded arm rests and swing-away leg rests as well as large rear wheels make it a comfortable ride even outdoors.

    No one wants a big bulky wheelchair sitting around when it’s not in use. The Hi Fortune lightweight medical manual wheelchair collapses easily to fit easily into a closet corner. It can be checked in at airports, and fits easily into the trunk or backseat of even small cars. Detachable wheels make it even easier to store or transport.

    For easier lifting and transporting in tight spaces, the Hi Fortune is equipped with quick release wheels. With just a click wheels come off. This makes this featherweight wheelchair even easier to lift. Wheels can be quickly and easily put back on the chair when you arrive at your destination.

    Unusual in portable chairs, this dual braking system provides safety for both the user and the caregiver. Users can engage brakes at each side of the chair. Top hand brakes make it easier for a caregiver to control speed. The Hi Fortune also has anti-tippers to prevent flips on steep inclines.


    The Hi Fortune lightweight medical manual wheelchair is the lightest wheelchair you can buy on Amazon. If you travel often this is the lightest wheelchair for travel. When not in use it stores compactly.

    #2 Karman Healthcare ERGO FLIGHT

    Weighing in at under 21lbs, Karman ERGO FLIGHT wheelchair is another lightest wheelchair on the market costs just over $600. This ultra-lightweight wheelchair defies claims that you can’t have mobility and a comfortable, sturdy right in one chair.

    lightest wheelchair for travel 1 - Mobility Hive

    Our Top 4 Reasons To Buy:


    • Comes in 2 sizes
    • Light but sturdy T6 Aluminum frame
    • Dual brakes for ultimate safety
    • Quick-release and fixed axle options available


    • Not suitable for large user

    The Karman Ergo Flight was designed with the comfort of users in mind. It is a truly ergonomic wheelchair with its S-shaped seat designed. The shape mirrors the user’s body shape and purpose. Both seat and hand rim were built to accommodate user’s daily use in for, fit, and function.

    When it comes to users who are medically fragile, every heath care precaution is important. The Karman Ergo Flight lightest wheelchair you can buy on Amazon has taken this into consideration. The high seat back provides extra support for the user’s spine. Anti-bacterial upholstery can be easily wiped clean and sanitized. Antibacterial materials keep seating spaces clean and sterile to avoid pressure sores and speed up the healing process.

    The Karman Ergo Flight comes equipped with companion brakes. These allow a caretaker or family member to engage brakes when they are pushing the wheelchair user taking the time or effort to bend down. This safety feature is especially useful when ascending or descending a steep incline ramp or slope. The caregiver can easily slow down, maneuver a tight space, or deal safely with going up or down a ramp without fear.


    The lightest folding wheelchair in the world, nothing can compare to the featherweight wheelchair. The Karman is truly an ultra-lightweight wheelchair. The ultra-light frame weighs just over fourteen pounds. The Karman is the lightest wheelchair for travel needs.

    Gail Lennon