How Much Does a Wheelchair Weigh?

Learn the weight of several types of wheelchairs. Decide whether having an ultralight chair is worth the increased cost.

Quick Answer: A standard wheelchair weighs can vary from 30 to 45 pounds (14 to 20 kg).

When I considered this wheelchair weight question, my first reaction was:

Who cares?

But then I stopped to consider how the wheelchair would be transported in a vehicle, a train, or a plane.

Then I considered who would have to lift the wheelchair in and out of vehicles. In this light, how much a  wheelchair weighs becomes a crucial consideration.

Why Should You Worry About Your Wheelchair Weight?

If you are the one moving your folding wheelchair to the trunk or back seat of your vehicle then the chair has to be light  enough for  you to lift.

If not, then you need another solution for transporting your chair.  Another concern is the ability to propel your chair.

If it is too heavy, you will develop a wrist, shoulder, elbow, neck, and head repetitive movement injuries.

Performance of Wheelchair as Per its Weight

How your wheelchair is constructed will ultimately determine how much it weighs. Of course you also have to consider the weight of its user and the degree of friction of the material the chair will be rolling over.

When it comes to performance you also need to factor in the strength and endurance of the user.

Wheelchair Weight According to Types:

How much does a Standard Manual Wheelchair weigh?

The weight of a standard manual wheelchair can vary from 15 to 50 pounds (7 to 23 kg). The difference is determined by the material of the frame.

How much does a Standard Lightweight Wheelchair weigh?

As the name suggests, a lightweight wheelchair is constructed of steel and/or aluminum. These chairs weigh between 29 to 34 pounds (13 to 15kg).

How much do Ultra-light wheelchairs weigh?

Ultra-Lightweight wheelchairs are made of lightweight but stronger materials; e.g., Titanium. A regular ultra-lightweight wheelchair weighs between 14 to 30 pounds (7 to 14kg).

How much does an Electric Wheelchair weigh?

A regular Electric/Power wheelchair can weigh between 150 to 250 pounds (68 to 113 kg).

How much does a Transport Wheelchair weigh?

transport wheelchair weigh
Transport Wheelchair

The average Transport/Attendant chair weighs between 15 to 45 Pounds (7 to 23 kg)

How much does a Sports Wheelchair weigh?

How much does a Sport wheelchair weigh
Sport Wheelchair

A sports wheelchair is built for speed and maneuverability. Sports wheelchair weighs can vary from 15 to 60 Pounds (7 to 27 kg).

How much does a Motorized Wheelchair weigh?

How much does a motorized wheelchair weigh
Motorized Wheelchair

A regular Motorized wheelchair can weigh between 50 to 250 pounds (23 to 113 kg).

What’s the lightest folding wheelchair you can buy on Amazon?

Ergo Flight Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair by Karman is the lightest folding wheelchair you can buy on Amazon. Its frame made of Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum Alloy. It’s a great choice for the Elderly.

What's the lightest folding wheelchair you can buy on AMAZON?

Thanks to modern technology, those who design wheelchairs have been able to alter materials and design to shave pounds off wheelchair weight.

Is a lighter chair worth the added cost? The answer is, Yes.

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